Weekly Word from the Owner JJ. ed. 1

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Hello My FellowJJ_and_Sanjuro Rockers, Rock Bitches and Sex Lovers

From now on  i will have a weekly word of what is happened every week at the Reloaded & Wet Panties Club. So we get to know each other some more.

Well it was a bit of a unhappy week. Our sweet, lovely and great co-owner ExoticaRose was hit by a really heavy stroke, and is still in hospital. She is doing physical therapy to help her walk and swallow. Lets all hope she will be well soon and we wish her all the best.

The management have talked over some ideas for the future, and believe me when all is realized, you never wanna leave again.

The shows of DEFINITVE ROCK CONCERTS AND PIRATE METAL, on the live stage are set to a regular day , the Saturday is stage day and the times to start the live show is 1pm sl time, so we all know to keep that hours free and miss not one show We have had till now four tribute shows of Aerosmith, Halestorm, the Scorpions and KISS, it was crowdy but more is better We always try to find DJ’s and Hosts for the Warm Up Party at the Reloaded Club and the After Party, from now on, at the Wet Panties Club. To keep the club available for all who like to have fun, dance or hangout and talk with friends behind every live show.

So we have every weekend a BIG EVENT!!!!!

We gonna start more events at the Wet Panties very soon. We have the best hottest dancers of SL and they like to entertain and please you.

Come often to this website to stay up to date about all events and live shows.

Till Next Week,

JJ. Owner


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