Weekly Word from the Owner JJ. ed. 2

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JJ_and_SanjuroHello my Rockers and Fun Lovers,

I missed a couple of you last week but i think it’s the time of year.

That’s why it was a little low with traffic. Sunday was a best day I believe, the KISS show had taken to much energy of us all :-)), but we had fun as usual

At the beginning of the week it was quiet, also because our co-owner ExoticaRose was not able to be with us. And the management was very busy doing things in RL.

We had the wellk nown, in RL and SL, Latin American singer Mimm Xue on Monday She performed live her smooth Tango, Bossanova and Love songs.

Than came the message that ExoticaRose was out of the hospital and at her home again, great info that was.  And she was online again……we all give you a BIG WELCOME BACK!!!! hun.

Saturday 7th we had the wonderful Tribute show of Fleetwood Mac performed by Definitive Rock Concerts & Pirate Metal. It was a great show again, those band members are very good and talented, very nice to look at.

We gonna make a start with the Christmas decorations for the coming period, what means that some items may be gone for a while but will be back at the start of 2014.

I hope that it will be more crowded the coming week and that you all join us again.

Till the next word of me, or in the club much sooner ofcourse

See Ya  JJ.


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