Weekly Word from the Owner JJ. ed. 3

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JJ_and_SanjuroHeya Rock’n Roll Headbangers and Sex Addicts,

The beginning of the week was not that well for me, I was hit by a bad flu. I’m still not feeling well but promised to write the weekly word, and since I’m not too well – it will be a short one, sorry.

When I could come online (everyday at least for few minutes ) I did some Christmas and winter decoration, i hope you like it :-))

We had our regular DJ’s , Hosts and a few new ones, we all like to welcome our new staff and club members.

Saturday December 14th we had a awesome Rock’n Roll Christmas Show with several artists singing their Christmas songs. Performed of course by the amazing tribute band of Definitive Rock Concerts & Pirate Metal. It was great, THX guys. And also the afterparty with Best Xmas Outfit contest was very nice, Drakaina was the DJ and Brook the Hostess for you both also  thx babes.

When all go’s as it go’s now we have a second tribute band soon, i will talk about it with the management and the performing band members very soon, and will keep you informed.

I also have a announcement to make, the planned show of Black Sabbath coming Saturday December 21st is canceled. I try to arrange something else.

The Big Four show is planned for December 28th.

Well I say till next week and keep coming to the club and shows.

Happy Holidays!!!

Loves JJ.


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