Weekly Word from the Owner JJ. ed. 4

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JJ_and_SanjuroHello Rockers and Exhibitionists,

This will be a shorter word than the one last week – sorry for that but I was not online because of bad case of flu.

First – I like to wish all Staff, Friends, Vips and Club members a awesome Christmas and a very healthy and great 2014.

Saturday we had a Tribute to Tori Amos. It was a tryout performance of the new started SL band, “da Old Music Shoppe Band”, founded by Drakaina and myself. It was nice to do and when we get some more band members, we are going to be playing more often at the club.

Our sweet head manager CC has had to lay off from Second Life uniers for a while and so will not be at the club anymore. Her health is taking all her energies at the moment. Take Care Hun and thx for all the good things you have done for the family. We hope to see you back some time and – in good health!

Well this was a short word from me.

Keep coming to the club and Live shows.

Love, JJ.


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