Weekly Word from the Owner JJ. ed. 6

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JJ_and_SanjuroHi Everyone,

At first i like to wish you all a Rocking, Sexy and Healthy New Year ! ! !

The week start quiet because the last days of the holiday was ended.

Than there was New Years Eve. The club was closed for parties and events, but i think there were some people at the club. Nice to see that.

2014 was there, a new year to get the place to the top. I hope you will keep coming to the club and live shows and help us to get there.

Saturday we had the Stones on stage. Wow!!! That oldies still doing well and it was crowded as well.

Coming Week we start with the new Tribute Band of Phoenix Productions next to Definitive Rock Concerts & Pirate Metal. That means that we start Wednesday January 8th with a Tribute to QueensRyche at 2pm SLT by Phoenix Productions  And Saturday January 11th a Tribute to Black Sabbath at 4pm SLT by Definitive Rock Concerts & Pirate Metal.

Starting time of all the Saturday Tribute Shows is changed from now on, it was 1pm and will be now 4pm. I hope you all be with us the coming year and longer of course, we try to keep you by giving parties, events and live shows.

Till the next Weekly Word,



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