Weekly Word from the Owner JJ. ed. 7

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JJ_and_SanjuroHi there Friends of the club,

The 7th Weekly Word again, and it was a busy week this time. Well, maybe except Monday.  It looks like Monday is a rest day and i think a lot of us don’t like Mondays. I hope we can take that thought away and fill the club every day with crowd so we can party 24/7

Tuesday is when it all get started at the club, we had DJ Lou and DJ Masha and Hostess ExoticaRose. I also got a IM from the Devil himself, DJ Lucifer, that his computer is OK again and that he will start at Wednesday January 15th at the 8 hour event with Thin Lizzy as main act. Great to have you back!!

Wednesday was a big Event day and the RL birthday of our lovely and sweet co-owner ExoticaRose, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM THE WHOLE FAMILY BABY !!!!! . At 12pm we had Strix the Naked DJ with his Hostess Tawny and a little surprise party for our Rose. Than at 2pm we had, for the first time on the Reloaded Rock Stage, Phoenix Productions with a tribute to one of my all time favorites ” Qeensryche “ , soon the video of the show, shot by Drakaina,  to be watched on the website ! At 4 pm we had a little afterparty and continued the Birthday Party of Rose with a few people.

The Phoenix Productions will have a tribute concert every Wednesday from now on, they will start January 15th at 2pm slt the other tributes that are follow are at 4pm slt every Wednesday.

Thursday was a surprise day for me, we had no DJ at all for whole day :-((. Than i got an IM of a great DJ, DJ Blaze it was, who is a DJ of the club for some time but was not able to come online to do a set.   I asked him when he was available again and guess what, he was available to do regular sets again. So he did a set from 6pm till 8pm and get help from our wonderful Host Second. THX GUYS !!

Friday was the day of Strix the Naked DJ and our sweet Hostess Tawny. Because DJ Lucifer was not available yet and able to do his regular set, these two Sweethearts did a 4 hour set. THX you both!!

Saturday the regular stage day of Definitive Rock Concerts & Pirate Metal, started at 4pm, for the first time at this hour, with a tribute to ” Black Sabbath “, Ozzie was on his best…..to see if it could bring more crowd, and it did :-)). We began the event at 2pm with DJ Jack and because Rose was ill,we had a new hostess:  Kelly. She was for the first time hosting at the club and did a great job….THX hun. At 6pm DJ Blaze try’d to have a afterparty with his companion Host Second, it was low on crowd so they stopped at 7pm. Lets hope there will be more crowd soon stay after a tribute concert.

Sunday as usual QUIET. I like to see that changed also to a party day.

Well lets have a great time next week and keep visiting our club and tributes to concerts.

Till the next Weekly Word, JJ.


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