Weekly Word from the Owner JJ. ed. 8

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JJ_and_SanjuroHey my fellow rock lovers,

We had a nice week, nice crowd, our regular DJ’s spinning the best rock tunes, and two awesome tribute concerts with bands from Great Britain.

Monday was, like all weeks, very quiet except for our own Drakaina who first rocked some smooth tunes into the club and then sneaked out to the roof to remind us why this is also Wet Panties Sex Club. Tuesday we had a nice day with DJ Lou and Hostess Gaby they started at 10am. The party continued with DJ Masha and Hostess Kelly.

Wednesday it is, the first Event day of the week and the first time at the Live Stage Beach. Wow ! !…. what a schedule we had. Strix the Naked DJ opened the event with great rocktunes from Scandinavië at 10 AM. Our Sexy Tawny as his Hostess. Than there was at 12 PM The One And Only Real Devil of SL DJ Lucifer, also assisted by our lovely Hostess Tawny, the sweety!!  As third act we could see the tribute to the Irish Rock Band Thin Lizzy, at the Live Rock Stage, peformed by Phoenix productions. I have some nice memories with this band. “RIP Phil Lynott.” The crowd was good and it is growing with each event.   The after party was for the man in Fire DJ Blaze, this DJ knows how to end a event, assisted by our, for the third time today and never tired to Rock, Hostess Tawny…… Thx Babe!!!

Well i don’t think i lied about what we had to offer you. And remember the tributes will start from now on at 4 PM. So that means that all Wednsday events will start at 12 PM. Hope you all keep coming to this Wednesday Events, you also welcome every other day of the week of course.

Friday is the day of our Devil and the Naked, what means that we have DJ Lucifer and Strix the Naked DJ taking the stream to blow the clubs roof off with their Rocktunes, they both has assisted by, the one that is allmost every day at the club Hostess Tawny. Friday will be the regular day of these DJ’s and Hostess. We will try to get more DJ’s and Hosts at Friday to fill the whole day.

Saturday is the second Big Event day of the week, again with the best of the best!

We started at 12 PM with our charming Rock Bitch DJ Charlie Rain, live from South Africa, she was heat up the crowd together with her Host SecondGoldy, from India. That was a Global start. Or not. Than came to set the place more in fire our flammable DJ Blaze with his hot assistant Hostess Tawny. This couple is from the USA. This club will be more international by the week!!

The main act of this second Big Event is of course the tribute to concert, also from the UK and one of Britain’s greatest bands is for sure Queen, with front man Freddy Mercury, RIP, performed by one of the best tribute bands in SL Definitive Rock Concerts & Pirate Metal. It was a awesome show again. 

Strix the Naked DJ had to do the Afterparty of the event, together with his lovely assistant Hostess Tawny, they done a great job to cool the place down.

Oh and before i forget this event day was my SL rezzday also, i am a member 7 years now of the SL community. Nice to know…

I like to thank you all that you like to visit our club as member, staff or band. THX!! Keep Coming!!!

Sunday was nothing planned. we will try to fill this day also.

Bring Friends to the club, Tributes  and Keep Visiting us  on this Website or the Wet Panties club Facebook page.

Till the next Weekly, JJ.


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