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“”ML”” on stage at 12pm and we start with DJ Kaya!!!!

Sometimes Second Life immitates first one in unusual ways. When ML started his SL life he was a drummer for over 3 years. Secretly he always dreamed of singing. And just like Phil Collins When ML finally picked up the microphone it soon became clear how variated and creative he can be with singing. But not only does he have that musical feeling – this performer will rock you of your socks and entertain you every second of the shows he give away. Songs of AC/DC, Meat Loaf, Metallica, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, are only a few of legendary rock songs he will fondle your ears with. Reloaded Rock Club Stereophone Stage is proud to welcome ML to the rocking family!

10AM we start with DJ Kaya…..She will bring you to a Rock Mooth before ” ML” will Rock you!! Today Drakaina Lamia will be the Hostess of DJ Kaya!!!  

!Thursday Event Poster April 16 2015


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